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Scale your AR and Collections!

Digitally Transforming the Collections Industry

Founded in 2016

CRMG is a financial technologies (FINTECH) platform helping to pioneer a new era in accounts receivable and collections. Utilizing the power of advanced artificial intelligence, we are fully automating, and simplifying debt collection and accounts receivable management.

CRMG has made significant investments of time, capital and technology to develop a fully digital accounts receivables department leveraging the power of conversational artificial intelligence in the form of email, phone, SMS, and webchat. Our world-class technology solutions empower consumers to manage their accounts online without the pressure of collection calls from live agents, sales calls, or commission-based employee interactions.

  • We offer solutions as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to creditors, debt buyers and agencies looking to seamlessly scale their operations.
  • A fully virtualized, licensed, and bonded third-party collection agency available on consignment.
  • CRMG supports a broad spectrum of creditors across many industries.
  • We use the highest level of security to ensure data is kept safe; privacy is at the core of everything we do.
  • SOC Type II Certified
  • PCIA-DSS Compliant
  • RMAi Member
  • ACA International Member

We want our partners to succeed by making the most of the opportunities that our state-of-the-art consumer engagement platform provides. We give consumers the tools to resolve their payments on their own, limiting unnecessary intervention from a live agent. Contact CRMG for a demo or to discuss our third-party collections services. Our technology has transformed what used to be a stressful, hostile activity into a simplified, consumer-led one.