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CRMG, LLC offers your Consumers an Interactive Customer Portal, SMS, Email, Voice Recognition, or BiLingual Virtual Assitant Web Chat Equipped with Convesational A.I. 

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Mission Statement

CRMG, LLC strives to provide first class technology solutions that empower consumers to manage their accounts online, without the pressure of collection calls, sales calls or any commission based employee interactions. It is our passion to provide a stress-free online experience that incorporates dynamic options that facilitate the amicable resolution of any account or sales relantionship with a new company of thier choice.

Internal Resource - Integration & RFI Performed by Certified I.T. PJM

Phase #1 

- RFI 

-Business Checklist 

- Call Flow Mapping

- Testing on on 5 Contact modules 

- Identify the 10 most common customer engagements 

- Optimize Call Flow to reduce Live Agent Requests to Maximize thier use 

Phase #2 

- API connections to Current CRM or Setup of our CRM 

- Convesational AI Setup: The Conversation Mappings that Mirror in all 5 Contact Modules Based on Data From Phase #1 Campaigns

- SMS/EMAIL/Web Chat/Inbound-Outbound Telephone Campaigns/Live Agent Calls

Intregration performed by Ceritifed Project Manager:

CRMG is a Consulting Partner of Each Resource Provided

CRMG, LLC has used it wide B2B Relationships & Voume based requests to ensure a $0.00 setup fee & invoiced based on each successful consumer negotioaned transactions only! 

Our Partnership incl. 

- Google

- AWS 



- many Conversational A.I. Providers! 

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